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      B.U.M. Equipment LLC is a privately held Licensing and Marketing Company based in Mendham, New Jersey established in 1997. All Licensing is handled through Stephen Wayne & Associates (est. 1986). 

      B.U.M. Equipment LLC was created by the then partners Stephen Wayne, who serves today as Chairman and C.E.O., and Steven Marra, who served as Vice Chairman until the end of 2014 when he retired from B.U.M. Under their control, the business quickly became successful generating over $ 2.0 Billion in Sales with more than 40 licenses at its peak.  

      Stephen Wayne  spent his entire career in the apparel industry and is a Licensing Specialist. He began his career at Bidermann Industries, where he quickly became President of Yves Saint Laurent Sportswear and Jeans. He then was selected to be the President of Calvin Klein Men's Clothing to help launch Calvin Klein's entry into Menswear in the USA. In the mid 1980's, he left Calvin Klein to become President of Sasson Industries overseeing the worldwide operations of the business. During his tenure at Sasson, Mr. Wayne orchestrated the, now famous, marketing jingle- featuring Elton John singing the Sasson Theme song "Sasson Says So Much". He also sponsored the Elton John USA Tour, giving away free Concert Tickets with the purchase of any Sasson Products.

      In addition to B.U.M., Mr. Wayne managed or licensed many other lifestyle brands such as Rampage, Buffalo Jeans, Izod, and Sasson Jeans. He also worked with famous designers like Andrew Fezza, Kenneth Cole, Ron Chereskin, and Gene Meyer.

      In 2016, he celebrated his 30th Anniversary as a leader in the Apparel Licensing Industry.

      GNO Marketing LLC  has been granted the exclusive license to create and operate the e-commerce website for B.U.M. Equipment in the USA. GNO is working with licensees and consulting with the company to bring B.U.M. product to your doors. With heavy focus on web design, social media, and style-change, this new e-commerce site is just the beginning as we plan to continue to add more products, collections, and assist in the growth of B.U.M. Equipment.