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      The Iconic California Lifestyle Brand, B.U.M. Equipment, traces its history back to 1986 in a garage in Seattle. The brand has connected at all levels from its wholesale roots in the upscale Department Stores and Specialty Store arena, to the Mid-tier Specialty Retailers, to its foray into its own retail stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, creating today’s ageless consumer base and world-wide partners with emphasis on quality and tradition. Today, we begin a new path through our own e-commerce platform.

      In 1997, the company was purchased by B.U.M. Equipment LLC and was transformed under a complete licensing program. The next 6 years, B.U.M. set out with enormous growth and success at major Mid-tier merchandisers in all areas of soft goods, accessories, and footwear. During this period, sales reached 2 Billion dollars and sold over 100 Million garments worldwide. The brand began expanding throughout the USA and Internationally shipping to 350 Macy’s stores, as well as, better speciality accounts. Expansion also derived from being featured in national magazines like Rolling Stone, Cosmo Girl, Vogue, GQ, and Maxim, as well as celebrities being seen in B.U.M. gear over the years- such as Rihanna, Oscar De La Hoya, Billy Ray Cyrus, Laila Ali, and many more.



      Over the past 2 years, B.U.M. has signed over a dozen new licensing deals. Most recently, the company introduced a new junior collection sold exclusively at Forever 21 and a young men's capsule at Urban Outfitters.

      Since the beginning- quality, comfort, athletics, and logo-driven product has inspired and been the sole focus for the brand. By modernizing the styling for the needs of today’s customer and combining that with the legendary heritage feeling, B.U.M. remains committed to its roots. After some time, this new e-commerce journey has just begun and is being launched for fall/holiday 2019, and we plan to continue evolving and growing.