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      B.U.M. Equipment to Launch E-commerce Site Loungewear

      On Friday, the young men's and juniors brand will launch an e-commerce site and introduce it with a limited-edition loungewear collection.  Read More »


      B.U.M. Equipment Launches Loungewear With Vandale Industries

      B.U.M. Equipment has launches a new limited-edition unisex loungewear collection through a new license with Vandale Industries.  Read More »


      Forever 21 Rolls Out B.U.M. in 24 Countries

      "Forever 21 showcased the First B.U.M. Junior Line since 2010." Read More »


      B.U.M. Equipment to Expand Into Juniors

      The line will launch at Forever 21 for Spring! Read More »


      B.U.M. Signs New License for Men’s Loungewear and Sleepwear

      B.U.M. Equipment is expanding its reach. The brand has signed a licensing deal with Vandale Industries for men’s loungewear and sleepwear starting with the fall 2019 season. Read More »



      First Pictures of B.U.M. Equipment Exclusive Collection

      July 20, 2017 New York, New York - First Pictures of our B.U.M. Equipment Exclusive Collection

      Urban Outfitters Launches Exclusive B.U.M. Equipment Collection for July 4th

      B.U.M. is proud to announce the exclusive collaboration between Urban Outfitters and B.U.M. Equipment LLC. Read More »


      B.U.M. Equipment Licenses Menswear to Freeze, Stepping Stones Int’l takes Infants and Toddler Footwear and Hosiery

      February 14, 2017 New York City. Stephen Wayne, Chairman of the Board of B.U.M. Equipment LLC announced today that B.U.M. Equipment has come to an agreement to license the Menswear Active Collection to Freeze. Wayne who had relaunched the 30th Anniversary collection late last year wanted to manufacture the main category until it found the right partner. Read More »


      B.U.M. Equipment Releases Ad Campaign aimed at Sports Market

      B.U.M. Equipment unleashes ads aimed at the Professional Sports Market Fans with exposure in all the Post Season Major League Baseball Games ultimately being capped off with The World Series. In addition, the ads will also appear in the original market that made B.U.M. an iconic household name, California, in NBA sponsored yearbooks. Read More »



      B.U.M. Equipment Announces Signing of 3 New Licenses

      October 17, 2016, New York, N.Y.  B.U.M. Equipment is proud to announce the signing of a number of  new licenses as it continues to grow its licensing portfolio relaunching the brand in honor of its 30th Anniversary this year. Read More »


      B.U.M. Equipment Releases 30th Anniversary Collection

      Retro California lifestyle brand B.U.M. Equipment is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of licensing deals for new product lines. Read More »

      B.U.M. Equipment to Release 30th Anniversary Collection

      B.U.M. Equipment, one of the most famous California lifestyle brands of all time, will launch a brand new collection in time to celebrate its 30th Birthday for Fall/Holiday 2016. Read More »


      B.U.M. Equipment Makes Comeback With 30th Anniversary Collection

      B.U.M. Equipment, the well-known California lifestyle brand, will launch a brand new collection in time to celebrate its 30th birthday for fall/holiday 2016. Read More »


      Rihanna Hits The Studio In BUM Equipment

      "Rihanna was spotted at a recording studio in New York City and Drake was also in the building...The Bajan beauty donned an oversized cropped t-shirt by B.U.M. Equipment." Read More »



      B.U.M. Equipment is Back

      Blame it on the power of Rihanna. A little more than a year ago, the singer and famous clotheshorse took a night off from designer gowns or over-the-top outfits and instead opted for a throwback sweatshirt from the brand B.U.M. Equipment, a popular staple of the 80s and 90s. Read More »