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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Great quality like the originals

      Two of my all-time favorite shirts were a BUM sweatshirt and a BUM t-shirt. I wore the shirt until it no longer fit, and wore the sweatshirt until it was full of holes and I patched it over and over for years, because it was the most comfortable sweatshirt ever. When BUM disappeared, it was tragic, and I've kept my original much-loved sweatshirt in a keepsake bin all these years.
      Now, BUM is back (hooray!) and the quality is almost identical to the originals from the 90s. The current version is just a little lighter material than the original, but still excellent quality.
      I got the oversized pink crewneck sweatshirt for my daughter for Christmas, and it instantly became her favorite sweatshirt. No surprise - BUM clothing rocks!
      I am hopeful to see more color options and sizes to become available.
      Thank you SO much for coming back!

      Kate Tetz
      Just as good as I remember

      I loved bum when I was in 8-11th grade. Sad to see it vanish from
      My stores but so happy to find it again. Same great style, price and quality! I’d they do no old school looks, totally will buy more .

      Jeff Perry

      Great quality and classic look